Hey there, thanks for visiting my blog.


My name is Ana, a Brazilian who currently lives in Germany. I am an agronomist, a student, and an enthusiastic runner. I love to drink coffee, and I am always excited to travel to see more of the world, to experience other cultures and learn from people. However, above all, my mind and heart are all about food – the flavors, tastes, textures, formats, and colors. Ah, the colors 🙂

  The Vegan and Colors is a journey that I embarked upon to broaden my understanding on how to live a healthier life, and keep a strong and fit body. I also have a deep desire to inspire others to eat more colorful and nutrient-dense meals. I chose to cook without using any animal product, which means only vegan recipes are shared here. That decision is part of a personal quest on how to be part of the efforts to mitigate the damage that has been caused to our forests, landscapes, ocean, rivers, wildlife, indigenous peoples, etc. I consider eating less animal products a valid and important path.

 The answers added to my understanding are blended, mixed, cut, baked, boiled, chopped, and cooked in my kitchen. Yes, you heard it right! In my tiny and humble kitchen. I do belive that cooking should be fun, quick and part of everyone’s life, and as once said by the famous food activist and writer Michael Pollan, “Cooking can change your life”. I’m obsessed with colorful, natural and whole foods. So, all of the recipes of the Vegan and Colors are packed with colors.



           I hope I am able to inspire some of you during your journey, 

                                      With lots of love,